Difficult to remove screws or nuts

It is common for the screws or nuts that secure your stove glass to rust and become very difficult to remove. The following tips will help you solving this problem.

Most makes of wood burning stove allow for the door to be removed, this will make the task a lot easier. The process of removing the door does vary from one manufacturer to the next so consult your user manual. The most common removal procedure involves opening the stove door a quarter of the way and with both hands lift the door upwards.

Stubborn screws/nuts can be loosened by tapping them with a hammer, if not heat them up with a kitchen blow torch and loosen when glowing hot.

If you shear the screw then drill out the remaining steel shaft and replace. If you are not confident in performing this task, then take the door to blacksmith. Avoid professional engineering companies as most will not be interested or want to charge you too much. You may have a friend who understands metal work or people like panel beaters and car restorers might be able to lend a helping hand.

Give us a call if you choose.

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