Ecofan Press Release - February 2011

Ecofan - This clever little device is designed to help reduce your gas bills
In these challenging economic times find out ways of reducing your gas and electricity bills.
There are many reasons why people invest in wood burning stoves: you may enjoy the calming effects of fire or you were paying out too much to the utility companies for your gas or electricity and decided to put and end to it. An efficient wood burning stove will reduce your dependancy and cost involved with heating your home with gas - fact. Although wood burning stoves are good at what they do they only heat the air in close proximity of the stove - and because hot air rises some of that lovely warm air floats up to the ceiling which is a total waste.
A Canadian company has come up with a great solution in the way of a little fan that sits on top of your wood burner, pushing the hot air around the stove into other parts of the room and also helping to move air throughout your home. Another gimmick I here your say? The Ecofan uses a thermoelectric module to generate the power needed to turn the fan blades, so not need for plugs, wires or batteries. Because the ecofan base is sitting on the very hot top surface of the stove the base gets hot and then cools as the heat moves to the cooling fins, it is this action that causes electrons (remember those little bits flying around the nucleus) to travel and thus produce an electric current to drive the motor, warming your home and reducing your gas bills.
The Ecofan is made by Caframo based in Canada. There are 2 models the 800 with 2 blades and the 802 with 3 blades which pushes out 30% more air and is slightly higher, so make sure you have at least 12 inches clearance on the top of your stove.
We have been selling Ecofans for 5 years and based on feedback from our customers we know you will also be able experience the benefits or we will refund you.

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