When to replace your Stove Glass Seals and door seals?

Your stove door seal will most likely be thermal rope which will harden and wear over time. This rope seal is vital in preventing gases from escaping and outside air entering through the gap rather than through the air intake vent which will affect the performance of your wood burner. So inspect your door seals every 6 months. They are relativley cheap & easy to replace.
Glass seals prevent gases from escaping and air entering through these gaps and can cause the glass to overheat and crack due to a rise in temperature caused by increased combustion. Inspect annually and replace if they show signs of hardening or wearing.

When should you replace your Fire Grate?

Over time your fire grate will wear due to expansion and contraction of the metal. Inspect every year and replace if needed. They are usually only available from the manufactures. If you have a very old wood burner then replacement parts might not be available, if so a blacksmith will be able to make you a replacement.

When to replace your Fire Bricks?

Fire Bricks withstand much higher temperatures than the metal parts of your wood burner and are used as a protective buffer. They are quite brittle and will wear and crack. Replace fire bricks if they have any cracks exceeding 3mm or if the wear is more than 25% of the total thickness.

How often do you need to clean your Chimney?

Your chimney liner will suffer from a build up of smoke dust and resins which will affect the performance of your wood burner. Your chimney should be swept at least once a year.

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