Advise on buying a wood burner

Firstly if you are looking to upgrade or purchase a new wood burner then please consider the following:

* Curved glass looks great, but will cost over £200 to replace
* An airwash system is a must as your glass will stay cleaner and last longer
* The stove is HETAS approved. This is for vital for insurance conformity and to make sure it meets the new government clean air criteria.

Make sure the glass is held in with metal strips rather than 4 lugs as these lugs can cause a pressure point along which a crack can form as the the glass heats up and expands

Multifuel stoves offer the flexibilty of burning both wood and coal. Smokeless coal is kinder to the environment and burns for a very long time. A wood burning stove restricts you to burning only wood.

If a stove is cheap there will be reasons why, a wood burner is something you will enjoy for very many years so get the best you can afford as not only the build quality will be good, but the air control system will be more sofisticated, giving you full control on burn rate, which in turn will save you hundreds of pounds on fuel.

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