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New Wood Burning Stove Legislation - 2018

New Wood Burning Stove Legislation - 2018
Please be aware that the legislation is changing around the use of wood burning stoves.

The UK government are introducing new measures to reduce air pollution caused by wood burning stoves.

How does this affect you?

If you live in a smoke controlled area (usually built up areas) then you will need to make sure your stove is DEFRA approved. If your stove is not DEFRA approved then you only be permitted to burn DEFRA approved fuel which does not include wood. If you are looking to purchase a new wood burning stove then it makes sense to make sure it is DEFRA apporved.

Older wood burning stoves tend not to meet todays emmision standards.

Log suppliers will now only be able to sell "ready to burn" dry wood with a moisture content less than 20%. If you source your own wood you will need to store in a dry place for up to one year and only use when the moisture content is below 20%. Moisture content is measured with and easy to use .

Having your chimney regulary cleaned will improve the efficiency of your wood burning stove and in turn reduce harmful emmissions.

Burning smokeless fuel is aslo a good way of reducing smoke pollution which is increasing due the popularity of wood burning stoves.

For more information please see visit the HETAS website.

Wood Burner Fuel Advise

Wood Burner Fuel Advise
Making your wood burning stove run efficiently

If you mostly burn wood it is vital that the wood has a moisture level of 20% or below - check by banging two pieces of wood together, dry wood will make a hollow sound whereas wet wood will make a dull thud sound. Use this method when buying wood in bulk inspect the wood for dryness as wet wood does not burn well as most of the heat is being use to heat and evaporate the water content - burning wet wood also produces more creosote which clogs up your chimney. So when you order wood in bulk then stipulate that you are after dry wood. Wet wood is okay if you plan to store it until it dries out - this can take up to 1 year. It is also best to burn hardwoods like Oak, Apple, Birch, Cherry etc. soft woods are a waste of money as they burn too quickly.

Coal - Smokeless or not?

Smokeless coal burns hot and long and is friendlier to our environment so there are few reasons for burning traditional coal.

Chimney maintenance

All fuels have by-products that will line your chimney. Creosote from burning wood is the biggest culprit, so it is important to have your chimney swept every year. The build up of creosote can cause chimney fires - also a clean chimney is a more efficient chimney so it will save money in the long term.

Why Schott Robax Stove Glass

Why Schott Robax Stove Glass
Schott Robax manufacturer heat resistant glass stove glass panels and are well respected in the wood burning fire industry. They are a German company who have been manufacturing replacement stove glass panel for 35 years.
Besides from the wonderful heat a wood burning stove produces it is the visual effects of the fire that contribute to our enjoyment of fire. The clearness of the Schott Robax glass enhances this experience.
Their heat resistant glass panels not only creates a safe barrier between you and your fire, but also provides excellent temperature radiation.
Schott Robax stove glass panels withstand high temperatures and low thermal expansion and so are less prone to thermal shock.
All stove glass supplied by For Stove Glass is manufactured by Schott Robax.

Tips for ordering and installing your replacement stove glass

The size of your replacement heat resistant glass stove glass may vary so please measure your existing stove glass and then cross check with our sizes listed by make and model. Don't worry if there are a few millimetres difference.

If your stove glass is shaped for example the top is arched or the corners are cut off then you will see SHAPED next to the stove glass dimensions.

When replacing your heat resistant glass stove glass it will be easier if you lift the stove door off it's hinges and then place face down on a drop cloth. Inspect the door and glass seals and replace if worn. Clean the area with a vacuum cleaner and refit the seals using heat resistant adhesive. Most stoves use metal retainers to hold the stove glass in, be sure not to over tighten these screws on these brackets as this will create a pressure point which may cause the stove glass to crack when the glass expands with the heat of the fire.

We use Schott Robax which is the very best German manufactured heat resistant stove glass for wood burning stoves.

SAVE £4.99 when you order 2 pieces of replacement stove glass.

For Stove Glass

For Stove Glass specialize in the supply of replacement heat resistant stove glass for all makes of wood burning stoves.

We also supply replacement rope seals, fibre seals, stove glass tape, heat resistant silicon and fire cements.

If you are not sure of the make of your stove or it is not listed, then call us for a free quote. We will also offer a made to measure replacement stove glass service for any shape or size.

Our wide range of products will help maintain your wood burning stove, these include replacement fire bricks, stove glass rope seals and heat resistant paint.

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